Slides from joint meeting with RSS local group

Slides from the talks at the joint meeting with the Glasgow RSS local group on 27 February can be found on the local group webpage:

Slides can be downloaded by clicking the link next to the speaker’s name.

Thanks to the speakers Professor Jane Hutton and Dr Tereza Neocleous for an excellent meeting! For a summary, see the following link:


2016 Joint Statistical Meetings – Chicago

On Wednesday 3 August, the Section held a session titled “Do courts appreciate the power of statistical evidence?” at the JSM in Chicago. The session was chaired by Joseph Gastwirth and featured the following speakers:

Jane Hutton, University of Warwick: Expert evidence for civil cases – Examples and ethical challenges Slides
Edward Cheng, Vanderbilt University and Columbia University: Detecting and correcting publication bias in legal cases
Claire McIvor, University of Birmingham: The misuse of statistical evidence in tort law Slides
Qing Pan, George Washington University: Statistical issues arising in important recent cases in the United States Slides

Slides from the talks can be downloaded using the links above.
Thanks to all the speakers for an excellent session.

Meeting – the role of databases in forensic science

On Tuesday 15 March, a Section meeting on the role of databases in forensic science was held at the Royal Statistical Society headquarters on Errol Street, London. We had three very interesting talks:

  • Professor Graham Jackson (Visiting Professor of Forensic Science at Abertay University and Consultant Forensic Scientist at Advance Forensic Science) and Mr Adam Baines (Forensic Specialist, Lancashire Constabulary) spoke on  “The use of databases in footwear mark cases”. The slides can be downloaded here: GrahamJacksonAdamBainesSlides,
  • Dr Tina Lovelock (Interpretation Lead, Cellmark Forensic Services) spoke on “Non-DNA databases and collections in forensic science”, and
  • Dr Ian Evett, CBE (Forensic Statistician, Principal Forensic Services) spoke on  “The logical foundations of forensic science: future challenges”. The slides for this talk can be downloaded here: IanEvettSlides. Dr Evett’s paper on this topic (which is in a special issue of Philosophical Transactions B on the paradigm shift for forensic science) can be found here:

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Second meeting – AGM and legal epidemiology

On Wednesday 21 October, the second meeting of the Section was held at the Royal Statistical Society headquarters in Errol street. At the AGM preceding the meeting it was announced that no further nominations for committee members of the Section had been received, so the provisional committee were duly elected. Following the AGM, three presentations were heard:

Professor Alex Burdorf, Department of Public Health, Erasmus MC, Rotterdam ‘An epidemiologist’s experience of giving expert evidence in asbestos litigation’ DownloadSlides

Dr Claire McIvor, Senior Lecturer in Law, University of Birmingham ‘A view from legal academia: the doubles the risk test and other basic mistakes that the courts make about epidemiology’

Professor Philip Dawid, Emeritus Professor of Statistics, University of Cambridge ‘Legal epidemiology and the significance of the distinction between effects of causes and causes of effects’ DownloadSlides

RSS conference 2015 session

On Thursday 10 September there was a “Statistics and the Law” session at the Royal Statistical Society conference at The Forum in Exeter. There were three presentations on different aspects of the intersection of statistics and the law, followed by a lively discussion session. The presentations were:

Dr R. Puch-Solis (LGC Forensics) – Statistical evaluation of forensic DNA evidence

Professor J. Hutton (University of Warwick) – Epidemiological evidence in civil cases DownloadSlides

Dr A. Wilson (Durham University) – The evaluation of evidence consisting of traces of cocaine on banknotes DownloadSlides

and the discussion was chaired by Professor J. Hutton.

First meeting

The first meeting was held on May 1st at the RSS in Errol Street, London
with talks from

Professor C.G.G. Aitken (University of Edinburgh)  Statistics and the
law – visions for the future. DownloadSlides

Professor G. Jackson (University of Abertay)  Expert evidence
– a personal view of the challenges. DownloadSlides

Professor P. Roberts (University of Nottingham)  Forensic probability –
past, present and possible futures. DownloadSlides