Meeting – the role of databases in forensic science

On Tuesday 15 March, a Section meeting on the role of databases in forensic science was held at the Royal Statistical Society headquarters on Errol Street, London. We had three very interesting talks:

  • Professor Graham Jackson (Visiting Professor of Forensic Science at Abertay University and Consultant Forensic Scientist at Advance Forensic Science) and Mr Adam Baines (Forensic Specialist, Lancashire Constabulary) spoke on  “The use of databases in footwear mark cases”. The slides can be downloaded here: GrahamJacksonAdamBainesSlides,
  • Dr Tina Lovelock (Interpretation Lead, Cellmark Forensic Services) spoke on “Non-DNA databases and collections in forensic science”, and
  • Dr Ian Evett, CBE (Forensic Statistician, Principal Forensic Services) spoke on  “The logical foundations of forensic science: future challenges”. The slides for this talk can be downloaded here: IanEvettSlides. Dr Evett’s paper on this topic (which is in a special issue of Philosophical Transactions B on the paradigm shift for forensic science) can be found here:

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